Ceres dancer lives her Dailey and Vincent dream

Popular bluegrass musicians Jamie Dailey and Darrin Vincent made a Bland County girl’s dreams come true when they invited her up on stage to clog during their performance Sunday at the Lincoln Theatre in Marion.

Twelve-year-old Paige Viar of Ceres attended the Dailey and Vincent: Spirit of Christmas Tour with her family. What she didn’t know is that a family friend who knows someone in the band spread the word about how much Paige loves the bluegrass duo.

“I really like their patriotism and their Christian beliefs,” she said. “I just like them.”

Plus, the rhythm and beat of bluegrass music is ideal for clogging. Paige has been clogging with Wytheville’s Appalachian Hoedowners for more than four years.

The seventh-grader said she was surprised when Vincent called out to the audience for her to come on stage.

“I was so shocked that I couldn’t get out of my seat, my Mimi (Katie Gamble of Ceres) had to push me out of my seat,” she said. “I was so excited and felt blessed that I could go up there and do that for them. I just loved doing it.”

To make it even better, she performed to her favorite Dailey and Vincent song, “That Feel Good Music.” The song pays tribute to various bluegrass, country and old-time songs. The video for the song features the duet dancing with cloggers.

Paige said it was fun, yes, but frightening, too, to perform in front of a sold-out crowd, not to mention for Dailey and Vincent.

“It was exciting,” she said. “I was free styling, making up moves as I went.”

After the show, Paige got to meet her idols off stage.

Dailey and Vincent told Paige she did a wonderful job and encouraged her to keep clogging because it’s a lost art.

Paige attends Bland County High School. She is the daughter of Chris and Carman Viar.

“She just kept thanking them for letting her get up there with them,” her mother said. “Paige said it was the best Christmas gift ever.”